A Traveler’s Guide to Boracay Island Hopping

Accurately what is Boracay without an exquisite island expecting tour? I mean, really, Boracay is home to thirteen beaches made of soft, white powdery yellow sand and bluish, transparent drinking water, along with an excellent variety of aquatic life and coral reefs which can be colorful. If you want to witness the vast sea life, and indulge in some swimming and scuba diving, then buy an island hopping tour package from a reputed tour firm there. On this page I will tell you more about island hopping tour plans. cebu island hopping tour

The Group Island Expecting Tour Package: This is a good, although expensive bundle (though not the most expensive one, that we list below). This tour is available on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. You can acquire this package from any tour services at Boracay island. This concert tours package costs about one particular, 300 pesos per person. As per the package deal itinerary, they would opt for you up from your hotel early morning at 9 am. The banka boat would take you from the station 3 of White beach. In route you get some delightful barbeque lunch and some seafood dishes as well, along with free drinking alcohol water. You won’t have to pay anything extra to enter the question Island (where you can indulge in cliff jumping) as the payment is already included within the expense of the tour package. You get free use of beach toys left there, free use of snorkeling cover up (in case you are enthusiastic about snorkeling), etc. That they would then take you to the famous Is definitely the island where you can indulge in swimming and some more snorkeling. Your stop would be the Puka beach, famous for its puka shells; whether you would enjoy your time here at the Puka beach or not largely will depend on the weather. All throughout the voyage a professional tour guide there to assist you in every way possible.

The Private Island Jumping Tour Package: This is the most expensive package deal available, only for many who would like to get a complete view of the Boracay island. The total time the trip would take is roughly four hours. This head to is available every day of the week. The tour costs about 2, 000 pesos per person. Included in the tour package, you make your own private boat; it is so exclusive that whether you dance or rest on it is up to you – as long as you may break it (I have always been just kidding of course). Within the package, free playing ball masks are offered to the tourist. In addition, you would get a complete view of all the beautiful places of the island. Pork cooking area and sea food food are available for lunchtime. As for drinks, you can choose between free beer or (if you are a teetotaler) free soft drinks. Just like the group island jumping tour package, an expert concert tours guide is available to assist you completely.

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