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Native american legal system is a compilation of laws attracting its origin from various sources beginning with the customs of the historic Vedas embodied in the present day Hindu personal laws governing generally the area of marriage, sequence, adoption and guardianship. Following the arrival of the Islamic rulers near your vicinity Islamic law gained prominence in the field of personal laws and continues to govern Muslim Personal legislation till date near your vicinity. Therefore, with the creation of English rule in the country, Common law system became area of the Indian legal system.

Questions of law and facts involving the software of provisions of regulation derived from the various causes of law are adjudicated after by the 3 tier hierarchy of surfaces followed near your vicinity namely by the civil courts, legal courts, family courts and various district courts which form the first level in this hierarchy used by the High Surfaces of various States and finally by the Substantial Court of India which comfortably rests at the top of this chain of command. 

High Courts are at the top of structure in each state and enjoy both original legislation as well as appellate jurisdiction over the region courts of the Claims. Yet , most work of High Courts includes is of interest from lower courts, writ petition under article 226 of the Constitution of India and supervisory legal system under article 227. So High Court is the highest court of charm in matters of municipal and criminal cases of the State.

In comparison the Supreme Court of India is the maximum court of appeal in the country. The appellate jurisdiction of the Best Court can be brought up by certificate granted by the High Court under article 132(1), 133(1) and article 134 of the constitution in matter of any judgment or last order of the Superior Court in both felony and civil cases.

Taneja Law Office is a leading law practice in Delhi dealing with civil and criminal matters on the appellate side in both the High Court of Delhi and the Substantial Court of India. All of us have been providing our expertise in appeal issues to the satisfaction of our clients for over three decades and effort to provide academic superiority of high caliber so required in the field.

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