Are Instant Tents Any Good – Discover The Pros And Cons

For several years now tent manufactures have been looking for the perfect tent for the happy camper. So we’ve a tent that with minimum effort will blow up it and provide you a momentary home. Inflatable arch

I have tried several these so called ‘instant’ tents, the first one being the Gelert Instant. It has a coil-sprung frame that is fitted to the material, by twisting the shape the tent become a sizable round package, a lttle bit not more than a metre in diameter and a couple of in . thick. You unleash the spring and hey pronto in a dramatic view the tent is placed into the air and the frame turns the bag into rather stylish and practical tent. No longer get me wrong this tent will not likely shelter you from severe weather, they are only decent for good weather conditions, but it is great for festivals or a mild tenting trip for the weekend. 

I think the above tent is great for your children as their very first tent. They will can put it up easily themselves which We believe they will find amusing. Whist they are doing that you can do a lot more serious process of placing the family tent.

Finally, there are also blow up tents, notably the key range is from Airzone in Canada. They are really only two-berth and on first look are rather small. Tiny diameter tubes are overpriced to a pressure of 22psi and you have a security valve so you cannot over increase the tent. It is about with its own electric compressor which you can plug into the cigar socket in your car, but don’t get worried if you like foot-pumps you also get one of those included.

These types of are both fun camping tents but you are paying for that fun. Alright in their defence they can be put up in less than a minute. But if you just wanted an ordinary run of the mill two-berth tent that could cost less than half of one of those new elegant instant tents. They do have their attractions though, I once saw a couple on a base camp put up their instant tent within seconds, by the time we experienced erected our tent they had finished their lunch break and gone for a walk, if you wish something quick and easy for a weekend away and you do not go tenting often then this could well be for you, there is unquestionably a certain.

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