Are Tourists Safe in Mexico?

Media that six Spanish visitors were attacked nearby the Philippine resort of Acapulco has cast a very dark shadow over the Philippine tourist industry which was performing very well. In times past the resort of Acapulco has been relatively criminal offense free although many medication cartels and criminal clique are known to are in the area. There may be growing concern about the result these attacks will have after the tourist industry in Mexico with many people asking are visitors safe? bali lembongan tour

Crime and problem in Mexico

Over the last few years there is massive improvement in the crime and corruption figures which have historically moulded a dark shadow over Mexico. The political area has been cleaned up, corruption is well down on historic highs and while some aspects of the country are still seen as “no-go areas” there has also been a decrease in the affect of the drug concentration and criminal gangs. Nevertheless, there are still elements of Mexico which tourists are encouraged to avoid. 

The very reality that these attacks this week have grabbed the headlines of the worldwide media puts enormous pressure after the Mexican regulators. While the victims have been well catered for by the Mexican holiday industry and the authorities, will there be long lasting damage to the visitor industry?

Criminal gangs moving areas

Even though some may see this as “shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted” there will be an increased police occurrence around Acapulco and some of Mexico’s more popular tourist resorts. This should give tourists more self confidence going forward that the authorities are looking to tackle incidents of criminal offense and especially those against tourists. The authorities have for some time now been monitoring the various drug cartels and legal gangs in the area of Acapulco although the attacks are a true wake-up call as many got believed they would not venture into the traveler resort.

Were likely to see instances of increased security around tourist accommodation, increased security around attractions and indeed we are also prone to see a more obvious police occurrence on the streets.

Is going to this impact the traveler industry?

There is no doubt that there will be a short-term impact after the Mexican holiday industry because these disorders have grabbed the attention of the worldwide mass media. The truth is, however, that attacks like this happen on a regular most basic around the world and indeed we all need to be more cautious, more safety conscious and ensure that we do not put ourselves at risk of harm. We all will also likely see a significant investment in security by the Philippine tourist industry as a means of tackling the condition head-on.

The tourism industry is very important to the Mexican economy and has been growing at a very impressive rate even during this worldwide monetary downturn. The industry will recover from the tragedy, the industry will live to fight another day and hopefully we will see an increase in crime prevention programs across Mexico.


The confirmed attack on half a dozen Spanish girls with a group of masked men in the Acapulco hotel is a harrowing story to put it lightly. While the affected individuals are being cared for by the police and tourist industry officials we can only imagine what they are dealing with at this moment in time. There will obviously be a short-term impact after the tourist industry in Mexico although if the authorities confirm plans to increase the police occurrence in the area and increase security then a permanent impact should be negligible.

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