Beach Hairstyles You Should Try on Your Island Hopping Tour

Honda Bay is on the eastern side of Palawan, Philippines. It is near to the province’s capital, Puerto Princesa City. Many tourists going to the location often book a Honda Bay tour to explore different islands around the bay. Many of these island destinations are popular among people who wish to go island hopping. Arreceffi Island, for instance, is where you are going to find the popular 2 Palmas Island Resort & Spa. best island hopping in cebu

Don’t forget to ready your hair when going to the beach or taking a Honda Bay Island Hopping Concert tours. Sun, sand, sea, and wind may sound interesting. These ingredients, however, can damage your hair as long as you’re having fun during your tour. 

Protect Your Curly hair from the Sun

An individual hide your hair under a baseball cap to avoid damaging it. Just before styling, spread a reasonable amount of moisturizer on your hair. This way, you’re confident that whatever hairstyle you utilize, your locks will look fabulous.

Swish Bun

Take your regular ponytail hairstyle up a notch with a simple but cute chic bun. Before heading out for your Honda Bay Concert tours, or while you’re on the boat, gather your hair into a ponytail at the top of your head. Use an elastic to secure it and wrap the ponytail around. You are able to secure the bun with another flexible or apply certain bobby pins.

This is the perfect hairstyle when heading to LuLi Island, one of the places you will visit during your Honda Bay Tour. Before strolling off the island’s snorkeling board, ensure that you tie your hair up to avoid tangles. A chic bun can also prevent your hair from covering your face once you’ve contacted the water. This way, you can see plainly underwater.

French Braids

French braid is a traditional hairstyle you can use for different occasions, including spending an afternoon at the sea, such as Pandan Island at Honda Bay. To develop this look, spread leave-in conditioner on your damp hair. This kind of will give your curly hair additional texture. Part your hair into 3 parts and work your way down to the tips.

There are numerous ways you can do French Braids. You can create a solitary braid or multiple braids by parting your frizzy hair into smaller sections. Braid each section and secure them with elastic. Make use of elastics with different colors for a fun look. You’ll not have to get worried about your hair masking your face while if you’re on the boat in your Honda Bay tour.


Do you want to let your hair down but don’t want to have your hair all over the face? A Pinned-back hairstyle is the perfect hairstyle for you. Part your hair at the center, take a tiny section from the front on one side. Twist and pin number it on the back again. Do the same thing on the reverse side.

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