Customer Service Training Courses Need to Concentrate on the 2 Ps of Customer Service

About customer service training programs one of the key questions is, precisely what is customer service? And are the customers always right. Everyone’s perception of customer service is different; there are routine threads to most customer service online classes.

I have used the word perception in the first paragraph and it really is one of the main words to keep in mind, as good or bad customer service really is right down to perception. activities for teaching customer service

I remember right after 9/11 I was travelling to Florida, we were supposed to change flights in Newark, but what happened was the flight was late touchdown in Newark and that we skipped the connection flight to Florida.

The reason given for the delay was that the flight experienced to change its air travel path due to the recent tragedy at the World Trade Centre. Though this was understandable it was still amazing to view the reactions of the purchasers like us, who were afflicted by missing linking flights.

From a customer view point, it was evident to see that the airline staff got been through some amount of service training. They apologized, showed empathy offered options and tried their extreme to calm some of a lot more difficult customers, just the sort of key skills one would start learning on a customer service course.

In the same way we are always taught about service to customer, put yourself in the customers shoes, and gives options, the airline personnel offered free accommodation and meals for many who had to wait overnight etc. The customer service training acquired really repaid, or so I thought.

Unfortunately whenever we were being transported by trainer to the near by hotels many of the customers were not satisfied with the service. At least 50 percent of customers felt the service was poor as it should not have happened to start with. Although they did feel the people dealing with the condition performed help they felt they might be reluctant to travel with the airline again.

The other 50% recognized the challenge and although were not happy about lacking the connecting flights sensed the skills employees acquired show were excellent and they had done their utmost to resolve a situation they’d no control over.

That evening My spouse and i learned 2 crucial lessons; I learned that roughly 40 customers had received the very same service but their perceptions of the service they received were very different.

We also learned that training in this place should really concentrate on 2 key areas the first being the personal service the client receives from an individual or an organization. The second being training also needs to concentrate on the performance or standards of service.

Both sets of customers were right the personal service was excellent; however the standards of performance were poor. With this in mind all service training courses should focus on the 2 Playstation of customer care training.

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