Football Games To Play

You wish to practice some football all on your own? Or maybe you’re a coach who want to do new things in your football practice… Permit me try to give you some ideas here: nfl live free

Panna game –

This place will improve each players individual technique. You can play this place 1vs1 or 2vs2. You place up a little pitch with cones and a goal on each of your side(basically it’s a football pitch but a really small one). Every single game can go on for as long as you want, but the game will be really powerful and I would suggest some where around 5 minutes. The groups scores by putting the ball between the “goal cones”. But they will win by knockout if they have the ability to do a panna on the adversary. A panna is to nutmeg the opponent(put the ball between his legs). After the panna it is rather important to still have control of the ball, other wise it’s not a real panna and the game goes on. This really is a very fun game to learn since there will be challenges constantly and they will also be more defensive. Presently there is not only a goal to shield, but a hole relating to the legs. 

2 vs 2 game –

Kind of the same drill as mentioned above, in this one you get a point for doing a panna. Therefore you get points both for scoring and for doing pannas. This could be good so the players doesn’t concentrate solely on their legs. This will also be a very technical game with a lot of challenges. It will have far more challenges in the panna game though. Because then they want to panna the opponent, in this example they also want to attain lots of goals, so they will make it more as a team as individuals.

Juggling battles –

Both plain juggling(who does the most juggles) or who does the best methods. Most football players are incredibly competitive and want to win. So if they loose a battle they will go back home and practice on more football tricks. And sports tricks is good for a lot of things, many are concentration, attention coordination plus your first touch. Juggling is also good as a warm up to loosen your system and muscles a bit.

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