Gardening Soil – Analyzing It’s Health

To obtain a good healthy organic and natural soil structure in exterior the house, analysis is very important. studying and studying it’s existing composition is the beginning to increasing it’s health.

Soil framework, the way mineral debris are bound together and the proportion of stable matter, along with orifice space. To have a healthy garden soil, these proportions of solids and pore space should each take up about 55 percent of the whole volume level. A good soil framework will allow plant main systems to penetrate the soil easily, retain dampness well, drain properly, keep air and retain the nutrients necessary for plants to thrive. Organic matter is the key to a good healthy soil composition, there are four simple tests that can help you determine the health of your gardens ground. 

First check your backyards soil for drainage by digging a hole about 1 foot deep and 1 foot in dimension. When the hole is dug, fill it with normal water. following the water has exhausted, refill the hole again and watch to see how long it requires to drain. The drinking water should drain slowly but surely into the surrounding soil within 8 hours to possess a good drainage. If the garden soil drains quickly, it means it wont retain the moisture or nutrients needed to benefit your crops, amendments can be added to increase the structure of sand type soils.

Considering the soil profile of your garden next is very important in evaluating the healthiness of your gardens ground. Choose a location in your garden and dig a trench about 3 toes long and 2 foot deep, leaving one of the 3 foot edges smooth and vertical when digging. Once you have finished digging, examine the smooth side, is the top 4 to 6th inches of soil a dark rich loam, is there organic and natural life in the soil like worms and exist signs of root systems penetrating profound into the soil. The absence of living microorganisms in the soil is a good sign of a poor soil health.

Feeling and smelling the soil is another way to determine if the soil is healthy. Have a loose handful of soil, rub it in your hand and reek it. The soil should feel spongy and also have a pleasant, earthy aroma in case it is a healthy organic and natural dirt. If this has a bitter or vinegar smell then more than likely it’s ph level needs some attention.

With these few simple checks, you will get a basic idea on the health of the garden soil you will work with.

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