Have You Considered Running a Facebook Contest?

I’ve noticed a trend that is happening, there are a ton of product launches and several match for these launches. All of us have become a guru and is introducing a new idea or method and selling it for a limited time. Many “gurus” by using a combo of both of these trends to sell more and get more followers. get ip votes

You might be considering following this pattern and doing a tournament to help build up your Facebook fanpage or to gather more leads for your list and autoresponder. So I planned to share with you how you can run a contest and do it all simply. 

The first consideration is your award, what will you give-away? You will have to make this something people will want, it has to entice these to want to join your match. Having a valuable product or service will drive traffic to the competition.

Then you have to figure out that will judge, you can assess, or you can have the public or fans judge your contest. Right now there is also an option of obtaining both, one can narrow down the finalist and someone can make the winner. Having the public judge your tournament, or pick a favorite, will drive more leads to your contest. Bear in mind how American Idol proceeded to go viral? It was because thousands would simply call or text a vote. You want to make it simple to vote if you decide to have followers choose your success.

Entering your contest has to be a consideration. Can you require an email, call, text, video, tale or other form of admittance. I notice a tendency towards video contest, but this limits the phone number of folks who can enter. The simpler you make the entry, the greater people will enter your contest. My spouse and i have seen a basic brief review post with an experience be entry to a contest, and this can add 1000s of followers to your blog and fanpages.

Putting together a competition is not challenging, but be sure to think through all things and ways someone will attempt to win. A new software has recently been released called WildFireapp. junto de as another source to help with all the details. Many people try to cheat a tournament, so be prepared for whatever can go incorrect and put disclosures on your contest rules.

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