How Brian Acton and Jan Koum Created the Most Popular Messaging App

Most of us have heard the clich?, “try and try again and finally you will get success. ” Even so, seldom we really walk the talk. If you think the most powerful messaging platform on the Android platform today, the “Whatsapp” is the storyplot of instant success; then you are totally mistaken. The duo that created this amazing application, Jan Koum, and Brian Acton were turned down brutally by Facebook and Twitter, the giants in the industry. Ironically, Facebook only bought it recently after paying a mind-blowing amount of 16 Billion USD! Sarahah reveal

A large number of people wonder what might have been the motivating factor for them. The amazing journey of these two founders is a wonderful example of self-confidence and resilience. Both were dependant on the strength of their application and knew that it will be a massive hit one day. Users and critics in the beginning felt that they can not be able to keep the commitment to keeping it free of irritating advertising. However, both of them have kept the guarantee up to now and assure that the idea will be forever. 

The story of founders

Brian started his career at Yahoo, the IT giant company. Afterwards he also tried the fortune in the early on 2000s when everyone was just in love with Dot Com companies. Together with the burst of the go up of Dot Com, this individual previously to rethink about the business enterprise philosophy. The history of Jan was also not quite different. This individual faced immense problems after immigrating to the from Ukraine. He met Brian in 1997 that motivated him to join Bing. Both left Yahoo and worked on an idea that changed the way people interact with the other person, The WhatsApp!

What makes WhatApp unique?

Undoubtedly, highly energizing look and feel make WhatsApp different. This is lightweight, simple yet eye-catching. Interestingly, there haven’t been groundbreaking changes in the application since it is inception. Only a few cosmetic and logical changes every now and then! You needn’t give any personal details, no intricate username, and no infuriating password policy. You are asked to give a 10 digit number; gowns it.

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