How I Used Online Marketing Education and Support to Grow My Business

Once i started my consultancy business I soon found Essential marketing education and support to survive. It was a shock to learn that over 20 years experience in a business environment was not suitable to my new situation. nate obryant

Although highly experienced in marketing strategy and business development, in the firm environment I used outside the house agencies to implement programs. Of course, I comprehended enough of the essentials of websites, SEO, NUMEROUS and other online and offline marketing techniques to have the ability to brief my suppliers and be sure We obtained value but I actually did not have a grasp of the details. 

As being a new consultancy business I can no longer manage to employ outside companies to implement my marketing I needed to do it myself. The traditional methods employed by many start up consultancy businesses of networking and telemarketing were successful to a point but my marketing backdrop informed me I needed a regular pipeline of opportunities and that using networking and some telemarketing alone intended I was invisible to a sizable proportion of my potential market.

I made the decision to build an advertising process which would deliver a regular supply of new leads. With the plan in place Then i needed a rapid education in the detail of how to implement a range of marketing techniques including building websites, SEO, PPC, social media to mention but a few. My spouse and i tried reading books but also in the fast moving world of internet marketing noticed many were out of date the day they were printed. I therefore turned to sites only to find many who claimed to be experts were nothing of the sort.

As time passes I was able to filter away the so called experts and find those who provided high quality information via blogs, YouTube and websites which actually helped me implement the techniques I needed to increase my business. Of course it required hard work, ongoing commitment and a thick skin to manage the disappointment when results failed to show in the beginning nevertheless the work was worth it as my business has grown to protect much more than simple consultancy.

Presently there are many good learning resources online including some dedicated online marketing education and support tools booming by people who acquired been there and done that and are well prepared to share their knowledge. All that is needed is the dedication to carry that education through into action and a few months grace for the hard work to show results.

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