How to Install LED Tape Into A Plug Socket

By using a plug socket to force your LED Tape, whether it is single coloring or colour changing, is one of the least difficult ways to get up and running. This technique of powering is sometimes called a “plug and play” system for clear reasons. compare power plugs and sockets

Before you start you will need the pursuing items:

– a duration of LED Tape with 3M self adhesive assistance and power lead;

– a suitable “plug and play” 12V power adapter; 

– an RGB control (colour changing RGB only);

– and a couple of scissors.

This tutorial assumes you have received your recording pre-cut and soldered to the exact length(s) that you require (essentially ready-to-install).

First, hook up the energy adapter to the mains (240v) supply (but don’t swap the socket on) using the 13-amp, 3-pin put supplied. Next, hook up the ability adaptor to your LED Tape using the matching male and female green connectors. Finally, switch the plug to the on position. The lights should come on immediately. If perhaps for any reason they don’t come on, check that the text between the power adaptor and recording is solid.

If you work with coloring changing RGB LED Recording, the process is different. Instead of connecting the power adaptor directly to the tape, you will require to hook up to the RED-GREEN-BLUE controller first. If you utilize an infra red (IR) or radio frequency (RF) control mechanism, simply insert the green connector on the energy adapter into the DC suggestions on the controller. Should you be by using a multi-touch controller, you should have to cut the connection from the power adaptor and expose the two wire connections underneath. These wires need to be inserted within their respective terminals on the controller (these should be plainly marked positive and negative). Don’t worry about getting them the incorrect way round, it’s not going to cause any damage. In case the signals don’t come on, simply swap them over.

On the other hand of the controller you should have four terminals. These are made to take the red, green, blue and dark wires from the LED Tape. Insert these into their respective terminals. Move the plug socket to the on position, and the lights should come on immediately. If they don’t, you will need to go back and check all the links, making sure the accurate wires are inserted into the correct terminals on the controller.

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