Men of Vision in Nation Building

Eye-sight is simply the electric power of sight, the industry function of the enlargement of an individual’s mind, getting on one possessing a broader perspective and understanding. It will require men of perspective for the building of a nation to be possible. Men with a sizable heart and mind; and a broader look of things. Nation builders must be visionaries inside their countries; they should serve as the eyes of their nation. If you have any problème in most nations today, it is the shortage of visionaries. Men with greater regarding the what, why, how, where, when, and who of land building. Nation building is not the work for blind people, however for men of vision. outback vision protocol

It indicates that, a visionary is a hero in nation building, who sees and modifies what others don’t see. 
Through the eyes of vision, Problems are looked at as promotions, Crises as opportunities, Obstacles as amazing things,

Set backs as set-ups for comebacks God, give us men of eyesight. In this course, we are looking at perspective in three different viewpoints. Vision, as insight to what one has. Eye-sight, as an inward picture, or Conception. Vision as foresight into the future.

Life is in debt for no man. All that we need is already within and around all of us. All what a country needs to become an monetary power has already been within that nation. All what is needed, is regarding what each nation has. It is not hard to appreciate what another person has, at the price of what one has. A lot of people because of this of their ignorance order or import what they have and even pay expensively for what they have. Many developing countries are looking abroad not so sure that what they are looking for is already within their reach. Producing nations should stop looking for what is not lost; all what they need are visionaries who through the strength of vision will uncover what individual international locations have.

Nation builders are men who is able to see something, where others see absolutely nothing. Perceive opportunities in the midst of crises. Moses, probably the most nation builders in scriptural history, came to a location of vision, where he could appreciate the rod in his hands. He carried the answer to the deliverance of his nation in his hands but he do not realise it, until when his eyes exposed. If each developing land will only realise what she has at her disposal, then invest to develop it, then there will be a breakthrough discovery in monetary power in each developing nation this century. It seems to me that, the advanced societies see more of what developing countries have than the developing countries themselves. While citizens of developing countries travel in another country to do mean careers, citizens of advanced nations around the world travel to developing international locations to exploit the secrets they may have. Producing nations have been bothered with the third world mentality in such a way that, their self-pride has given way to inferiority complex. Citizens from advanced nations come and succeed in developing nations around the world, while citizens of expanding nations are running away to seek for asylum on the western part of the country. I actually remember as a child, how much I liked ‘Whiteman yards’, because of their flowers and fresh fruit gardens. What makes it difficult for all of us to have planted our own bouquets? Mentality!

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