Modern Day Timex Ironman Watches – An Overview of the Ironman Watch Product Line

The Timex Ironman Watch was launched in 1986 and has become the top selling sports watch in background. From your early 8-lap designer watches, this timepiece line has evolved with Timex’s numerous innovations added to it can basic sports watch. Today there are an extensive variety of Ironman pieces that cater to sportsmen of levels. Timex have recently updated their website and have ordered their Ironman timepieces into under the radar categories. Here is a brief summary of the various Timex Ironman Designer watches collections. womens wooden watches

Classic/Core Ironman Wristwatches

These watches are designed like the original with the same amount of features. Each watch has an 100 hour chrono with a 99 run counter, eight laps of memory, is water-resistant to 100 meters and includes the trademark “top-pusher” for easy lap and separate recording. An ideal entrance level watch. 

30 Clapboard Classic Wristwatches

These Famous Timex Ironman watches have 30 laps memory recollect and the functions that make Ironman this vital tool for endurance sportsmen of all levels, including 100 hour chronograph with 99 lap counter, allnight countdown timer and twenty nine lap memory recall.

23 Lap Women’s Watches

This kind of collection has been a bit redesigned with female sports athletes in mind. These designer watches feature softer more female colors and design and are a more comfortable fit over a woman’s hand wrist. These girls watches provide all the fundamental features for comfortable sporting performance during the day.

50 Run Watches

These watches have a new progressive design and striking look, mixed with the classic features of the Ironman watch and new features like a training log that stores date-ordered workouts.

80 Lap Wristwatches

These wristwatches feature one of the primary displays in the Timex Ironman watch assortment. With enough wades in to gratify runners, a training log that stores date ordered workouts and a sizable array of span timers, the 100 Run Ironman watches offer exceptional value for money for their price. An excellent runner’s watch.

Timex Sleek Designer watches

The Timex Sleek range features traditional Ironman features (and some new ones) within an attractive, streamlined watch case that oozes style and comfort. The sleek watches all have date ordered session training logs and interval termes conseillés, making them great wristwatches for runners.

50 Panel Watches

The 50 panel sleek watches come in designs for both men and women, in several color schemes. The men’s watch features a larger digital watch display, with much larger front-pusher. Both feature four side buttons. These modern looking sports watches will look great in any event.

75 Lap Designer watches

The 75 lap modern Ironman watches feature the daring and ground breaking Maximum Viewing Angle (O. Sixth v. A. ) that positions the watch face on the narrow part of the wrist, so that it is easier and more natural to watch the watch while training or competing.

The modern, high-tech looking Hi-Ti+ wrist watches feature low-profile titanium instances, in an unique ti case.

150 Lap Wristwatches

For maximum laps and sporting functionality within an attractive, aerodynamic design, the 150 lap Ironman modern makes a great choice for athletes who wish to maximize sports watch features and maximize image.

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