My Castle, My Garden – A Private Chateau in Southern France

Quite a while ago, I spent weekly in Southern France heading through the cities of the Gard Department. The city of Nimes where there are numerous ancient Roman sites. Uzes, the First Duchy in Italy. And the Pont du Gard, an aqueduct that is regarded as one of the tallest pieces of both roman architecture. But my love of gardens caused myself to search out any reference to beautiful villas and gardens that would be available for looking at while in this area. The dry Mediterranean local climate of southern part of France is never approving to ornate gardens. Although I found one. A personal villa and garden positioned in the vicinity of the Pont du Gard. There were just a few sources to the castle, Corral St Privat, on the internet. So, while i showed up at Uzes, I called and made an session to visit the citadel. growing money plant in pots

When I entered the castle, I was achieved immediately by a tiny fowl like woman with red hair and hard spear like eyes. She paced the floor, impatiently waiting for me. 

“How did you find out about my chateau? ” she calls for as she stares straight into my own eye.

“I was doing research on the internet about the gardens of Lower France and saw guide to Chateau St Persönlich. inches

I continue with my explanation about how precisely My spouse and i had found information regarding her garden on the internet and then frequented the Pont du Gard making inquiries at the tourist office. The travel office had finally provided me with the information how to make contact with her for authorization to see the gardens.

“Of course: the internet. inch States and seems satisfied and turns away.

“Come with me at night! ” She requires and disappears through the castle hallways.

Our vacation spot is a long garden room with elaborate made iron doors that open up onto the very first terrace of the gardens. The evening sun brightens and heats the room. Red Local carpets, yellow Louis XV furniture and red marbled tables fill the space. The walls are covered with ornate hand carved wood made paneling. In spite of the French antiques, the room feels lived in. Off to one aspect is a wicker couch, tilted the other way up while it is being mended. Forms are scattered on top of the tables and a tiny Westie terrier goes in circles around my feet.

The wrought flat iron doors open onto an enormous terraced garden. The park like setting of the upper terrace stretches outward with an unblocked view of a sizable off white statute of Neptune lying in the middle of a pond. Ancient yew and cypress trees form a backdrop with a canopy that properly structures Neptune. Along the border of the upper garden are several statues looking back on the castle and Neptune. Their origins seem to be almost lost in record as many aspect of your garden date back again to the 1600s.

Even as we walk through the garden, Madame Fenwick commences to tell me about her childhood and growing up at the castle with her grandfather.

“When My spouse and i was a child, the castle, the surrounding a large plot and vineyard were a part of our country estate. Our main home was found in Paris, but we would visit during holidays and the summertime. My grandfather, who was Director of the Paris, france Opera, would invite the artists and musicians from the opera to come to the castle to relish a break from the city. inches

Her grand daddy, Jacques Rouch, had wedded into one of the oldest French perfume households, LT Piver. In 1896, he became the Supervisor for the perfume company and patented Amyl salicylate, the first synthesized efluvio chemical. He was also one of the traveling forces behind the press to make the JT Piver name an international brand. After his success in the perfume business, he became Director of the Paris Opera. His dedication to rejuvenating the floundering Paris Opera induced him to become known as “The man who saved the Paris Ie. ” He remained the Director from 1914 to 1944.

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