My Favorite Al Pacino Films of All Time

Among my favorite actors of all time is, without a doubt, Al Pacino. Maybe it’s the reality that folks show me I actually look like him, or perhaps it’s the fact that he’s one of the most talented actors at any time, but whatever the reason (it’s the latter), this individual is at the top of my list and I always desire to see his new videos.

This article will emphasize a number of my favorite ‘s Pacino roles of all time.

The first film that I will discuss is Dog Day Day. Even though the Godfather may have put Al Pacino on the map, Dog Working day Afternoon was one of the films that helped to cement him as a star. If you like films about unorganized bank robberies, then this is a must see. 

A more recent film of his that we feel the need to refer to is A Sunday. Today I am not the biggest Oliver Stone enthusiast, but I found his depiction of professional sports to be very interesting. Pacino’s “Peace With Inches” speech has become one of the more famous monologues in recent storage.

Another great film featuring this incredibly talented professional is Heat. Also glancing Robert De Niro, this film about bank robberies and bombs is described by Michael Mann, and was the first movie by which these two tales are in the same scene together.

Al Pacino’s most iconic role of all time very well might be Scarface. Nowadays it is not my favorite movie of all time, however, you have to give credit where credit is due. Pacino bumped it out of the park with his interpretation of Tony Montana.

1 other movie that we will mention is The Devil’s Advocate. Also starring Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron, Al Pacino put on quote the performance as potentially the most wicked legal professional we, as moviegoers, have ever seen on screen.

Hopefully there is one or more motion pictures on this set of this great actor’s resume that you have yet to see.

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