New Book Shares Rideshare Driver’s Most Memorable Moments

In Tales from Behind the Wheel: Year One, rideshare driver Jonathan Wong shares some of his most critical stories driving travelers around the more noteworthy Honolulu territory. In these pages, he uncovers that while amazing stories about rideshare drivers and travelers appear to be in the media all the time nowadays, those stories are exemptions. In all actuality most rideshare drivers play out a brilliant support of help individuals in their necessities to get from Point A to Point B, and most rideshare travelers are ordinary individuals approaching their regular business. requirements to become an uber driver

However, much the same as in whatever other circumstance that includes people, rideshare opens up open doors for strange, clever, and piercing minutes. 

Wong has isolated up this book into a few sections about the various types of travelers or encounters he’s had while driving for both Uber and Lyft. Every section is itself separated up into a few short stories. Jonathan starts with an acquaintance about what it resembles with be a rideshare driver. By sharing his stories, he needs us to see a cut of life and the assortment and similitudes of the human experience. He states:

“I trust you’ll gesture in assention amid the minutes when you learn or see life’s realities in the stories I share, for eventually, we are on the whole regular individuals, regardless of whether we’re essentially on our approach to work, to class, or are traveling for business or delight in a far away land. The human experience is the same regardless of where we are or what we do. Furthermore, some portion of the wonder and delight in making stories is the benefit to touch others’ lives… ”

I think my most loved stories were in the primary part of the book, “Monstrosities Come Out at Night.” Here Jonathan recounts his stories of driving religious individuals who don’t appear to try to do they say others should do, strippers requiring a ride home, and individuals accepting what Jonathan calls “the ride of disgrace”- a ride home from an overnight remain at a sweetheart’s home. A large number of these stories influenced me to laugh or shake my head, however they additionally uncovered an extremely human side to Jonathan’s travelers.

Progressive parts incorporate Jonathan’s encounters driving individuals on business-many are ordinary individuals who want to take Uber or Lyft to work instead of have the cost of owning an auto; others are in Hawaii on business. A part on VIP sightings will abandon you stunned by the general population who will pick rideshare over a private limo or even a taxicab.

And after that there is the section about taxi drivers. The new rideshare economy has truly harmed business for taxicab drivers, and thus, Jonathan has had a couple of not as much as charming run-ins with troubled cabdrivers who feel he’s taking their admissions. It’s normal for him to get a demand to get somebody at an inn and force straight up to the entryway for his traveler just to see a series of taxicabs sitting tight in line for somebody to give them a charge. He’s likewise figured out how to abstain from taking breaks in parking areas frequented by taxicab drivers.

Another fascinating part concentrates on his run-ins with law implementation. As Jonathan calls attention to, the more you drive, the more probable you are to be pulled over by the police, and thus, he’s had that experience a couple of times. Luckily, the greater part of his experiences with law authorization have been genuinely positive-tickets in any case.

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