Pharmacy Tech Certification – Becoming a Certified Pharmacy Technician

Based on the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for pharmacy technologists or pharmacy techs is expected to increase by as much as 32% through 2016, making pharmacology technology one of the most promising careers for the coming decade. The increasing demand for pharmacy technologists is brought about by many factors. The main consumers of prescription drugs, the middle-age and the older, are required to increase in the coming years, spurring the need for pharmacy techs to ensure the safe intake of approved drugs. Additionally, the latest advances in research and medicine have helped bring about newer and effective drug treatment options to manage a number of health concerns; thus, more technicians are sought to complete progressively more prescriptions. In revenge of the monetary recession, a career in drug-store technology continues to prosper. Given that the advancements in science and technology continue to grow, the quantity of patients demanding improved upon and effective treatments and cures rises. best HCG drops on the market

In addition to job security, the expanding role of drug-store technologists in recent years has made it feasible for them to specialize in various fields. Techs can seek employment in price tag pharmacies, mail-order pharmacies, Net pharmacies, physician clinics, pharmaceutical drug wholesalers, as well as surgical centers, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. 

At the moment, there is no federal requirement for drug-store techs; however, employers give more preference to accredited pharmacy technologists or to individuals who are already enrolled in pharmacy tech schools. Drug-store technician certifications are intentional in most states but for career advancement, higher salaries, and better benefits and compensation, it is strongly recommended that you get a pharmacy tech recognition from the Pharmacy Specialist Certification Board, or PTCB, or the Institute for the Certification of Chemist Technicians right after the completion of a drug-store tech degree. Having a documentation indicates that you have the essential knowledge and skills in pharmacy technology, making sure the protection of the patients.

To become a certified drug-store technician you must in the beginning pass the national documentation exam administered by the PTCB or ICPT. To be eligible for the examination, you must have a high school degree or its equivalent and no record of any kind of felony convictions within 5 years of your app. Additionally, you mustn’t have a drug or a pharmacy-related conviction. After achieving the requirements, all you have to do is to pass the recognition exam.

The pharmacy technical recognition exam is used through a computer. The entire examination contains 80 multiple choice questions, centering on the following areas: helping pharmacists in servicing patients with approved medications, maintenance of medication and investment control, and administration and management of pharmacy practice.

If you pass the exams, you earn the title of Certified Drug store Technician or CPhT. A pharmacy tech documentation is merely valid for two years; thus, certified techs must obtain a recertification. Pharmacy tech recertification requires 20 several hours of continuing education every two years. An hour should be allotted to pharmacy law. The required hours of continuous education are obtained from schools, pharmacy technologist training programs, and pharmacy associations.

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