PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade Guide

Just how to choose15463 a hard drive for your PS4 hard drive upgrade. The standard PS4 HD is 500gb but games will be practically 50gb each which doesn’t leave much room to store your video games or digitally download them. win a ps4

The good thing is that Sony made it really easy for the average Joe to up grade their PS4. All you need is a typical Phillips screw driver plus your ready to go. 

PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade – In this article are the current PS4 HD specs that you need to consider.

2. 5 Inches (The standard laptop size internal HIGH DEFINITION will be 2. 5 inches but desktops also can use this size)
9. 5mm Size ( 9. 5mm Laptop size internal HD)
500gb Size (Capacity to hold data)
5400 RPM (How fast the HD operates)
Serial advanced technology attachment II (How fast data can be transferred)
With all nevertheless you NEED TO ensure you search for sequel payments on your 5 inches and 9. 5mm when you are buying a new hard drive, nearly anything bigger and you will be returning it.

A large couple PS4 Hard Get Upgrade tips that will help you find a HD within your budget.

Size – 1TB (1000GB+) – There is no use getting anything in between 500gb and you TB. A 500gb model will get you the same storage and 750gb will only get you another 5 games value of storage
RPM – 5400 is Standard for hard drives but you actually want to get a 7200RPM HD. 10000RPM and 15000RPM drives are not even available over 1TB yet and We personally wouldn’t spend $350 on the 10000RPM drive that is merely 600MB. Also be aware that on laptops the higher the RPM the more power it will consume, since your gaming system is connected you will not have to get worried about battery-life
Sata – Sata II can copy data at a maximum of 3. 0 gigabytes per second while Sata III can transfer up to six. 0 gb/s. You really want a Sata 3 drive if you are upgrading. Sata III is backwards compatible to Serial advanced technology attachment II. (Note) It truly is proved that the PS4 uses Sata II so while your drive will be Sata III it will eventually use the Sata II rates
What about SSD (Solid Slate Drive)? SSD continues to be fairly new and very expensive to buy. The overall size capacity of SSD drives that are available are fractional when compared with non SSD.

Can We buy an external hard drive? Sometimes, external HDs will not improve the PS4 the way you need it to. Game titles will not be in order to be played directly from a hard drive.

With all that said after looking through Newegg and Amazon online there are limited options available at this time. The 1TB 5400RPM drive and the 500gb 7200RPM drive are pretty much the same price as the 1TB 7200RPM runs.

HGST Travelstar 2. 5-Inch 1TB 7200RPM SATA 6GB/s 32MB Cache Internal HIGH-DEFINITION
meets all the Size, RPM and Sata advice and Size tips (9. 5mm, 2. 5 inch). It also has 123 Customer Ratings with 4. 5/5 stars.

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