Should the Uefa Champions League Abandon the Away-Goals Rule?

In 3 o’clock in the morning, I had been eager to wake up and could not bear to miss the Uefa Champions League semi-final between Manchester United and Arsenal. In the next leg, Arsenal attacked greatly well for the first a couple of minutes but demoralized after United scored the first goal courtesy of Ji Sung Park. I then started to ponder, what if there wasn’t an away goals rule, would Arsenal have continued assaulting with confidence and no hesitation for the staying 80 minutes plus stoppages? For both legs, the Skysports TV presenter Rich Keys raised an important question; should Uefa abandon the away-goals rule? Reservation

Precisely what is an Away-Goals Secret?
The away-goals rule is applicable for two-legged ties in the knockout rounds like quarter-finals and semi-finals. In the event that both teams drew over two legs, the away team that scored more goals away from home should go through. So for example, if Manchester United came against Arsenal 0 – 0 in the first leg at home, and drew again 2 – 2 in the second leg away from home. Then by the away goals rule, Manchester Unified are victorious over two legs and should move through. 

Can the Away-Goals Guideline do well?
The good thing is it stimulates the away team to score abroad which also means they have to attack against the opposition team at their home territory. Also it gives value to football as an entertainment sport. The property team would prefer to attack and score to avoid any risk and burden of being forced to report more goals abroad. As a result both teams have to attack which can easily be good for both followers.

Can the Away-Goals Guideline be Bad?
On the other hand, the away team might not choose to take risk and favor to play cautious by playing defensively and stunning the home team on the counter-attack. It often happens with teams which may have high discipline in shielding and efficient on the counter-attack including the Italian groups, Liverpool and Chelsea.

A few teams like Manchester Unified, Arsenal and Barcelona likes attacking football and keeping the ball as their main form of protection. Though according to Arsene Wenger, for a team to hold the ball requires participation and power in order to keep possession. The opposing team therefore tires easily and loses concentration which may be fatal to their functionality.

Other Rule that could Operate
Uefa could consider these rules in place of the current away-goals rule:

1. Replays
Planning the knockout rounds one-legged of course, if both teams drew, a re-run of the match shall proceed, similar to the FA Cup. The one disadvantage of this guideline is the unfairness to the away team. Seeing that it is one-legged, they that gets to play at home first will get the power. The away team could aim for a draw to bring the tie back to their house advantage.

2. One-Leg Regulation
Similar to the MLS ( Main League Soccer) in the US, if both clubs drew, it can be sort away by extra time and penalties or maybe fines.

Should Uefa Abandon the Away-Goals Rule?
So we are to the original question. At the instant, the rule works completely for the teams in the competition. Actually in the last decade, the competition has had some great remembrances and great disappointments for both sets of enthusiasts. A recent example was Andreas Iniesta’s last second frequency against Chelsea at Restaurant stamford grand Bridge in 2009 semi-final of the Uefa Winners League.

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