So What Is A Jigsaw And What Can It Be Used For?

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Ceramic tiles
Real wood
I tend to feel that whoever invented the jigsaw had an artsy personality, particularly when My spouse and i see the features of working with wood. With the correct kind of blade a jigsaw can be used for basic cutting, artistic decoration of timber, stencil cutting and also for making direct or curved lines in wood. Apparently it’s one of the most underused tools in carpentry just as much as it may appear to be an useful tool. Nevertheless, there is also a lot to know before touching it against a piece of solid wood lest you mess up your expensive wood. Since a carpenter this is one of those tools I would rather have than many different hand saws. It’s efficient, light and portable. That means it is very convenient to use.


Metallic work is another area in which a jigsaw performs very well. To get metal cutting a cutting tool of 21 teeth is usually used as it provides a finer cut with minimal irregular patterns that can be tolerated. Additionally it is used for drilling cracks through which pipes goes through. However the jigsaw cannot be used to cut straight lines on metals. It can’t hold this out task to your satisfaction. It should also be noted that after cutting thick metal, a thick blade should be applied to be able to ensure your cutting blades doesn’t bend or slip out the desired slicing angle. Now that material works requires more energy in conditions of slicing or drilling through, orbital speed, finer blades and pinpoint accuracy is required to give out a quality output.

Ceramic ceramic tiles

At some point when renovating your house you may need one more pipes to supply more water with your washrooms. Just how do you cut through the hard, fragile and expensive ceramic tiles? A jigsaw has arrived at your service. With the appropriate type of blade, which is the carbide resolution jigsaw blade, you can cut through the porcelain tile and locate a way out for your necessary additional water pipe. Though other tools like a tile cutter could be used, they wouldn’t do as well as a jigsaw.


Tired of the countertop in your kitchen? Or did your study table have an old rough and unsightly surface. You will probably need to bring in a fresh countertop. Among the most crucial tools that you will have to carry along is a jigsaw. Going round holes on the new countertop would be most effectively achieved by a jigsaw using the special downstroke jigsaw rotor blades that are designed to drill through hard areas.


Carpet cutting requires a high level of accuracy, which is where the jigsaw comes in. Its special soft materials blade allows you to make a more correct and precise cut. This may also be found in cutting leather using the same special blade. It could be of finest emphasis to utilize a jigsaw when cutting a carpet or leather materials.

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