Stair Lifts and Residential Elevators

Step lifts and residential lifts ensure safe and reliable floor-to-floor transportation in a residential environment. Though considered luxury items earlier, these accessibility devices have now become essential items with the increasing number of multistory buildings. vendita montascale a Firenze

Make The Entire Home Accessible through Stair Lifts

Stair take you allow easy access to all or any parts of your home, and are especially useful for physically challenged and aged individuals. Stair take you move smoothly over the rails of the staircases. They can be easily folded being used in use, which allows the stairways to be employed by other members of the family. Both AC and DC operated stair take you are available. Lifts that function with batteries can operate even during power failures. The obstruction sensors in stair lifts are basic safety features that stop the equipment on sensing any impediment on its way. At present, stair pulls are available in several models fitting any sort of stairway — curved or straight.

Home Elevators – An Best Option in Multistoried Structures

Residential elevators are designed focusing on the protection and comfort of the users, and almost all of these devices are provided with advanced features. Most of them can be found with in-car phones and safety interlocks. Residential elevators can be installed in your homes triggering minimum disturbance to your living area. Available in several models and types, home elevators have good weight carrying capacity too. Lifts meant for residential use can be utilized for permanent purposes and are budget-friendly.

Choose the Best suited Provider

Bruno, ThyssenKrupp, Savaria Concord and Federal are the popular manufacturers delivering some of the well known models such as Electra-Ride Elite, Stair Float, Citia stair lifts and Volant Gearless, Prolift SCL, Renaissance elevators. Whether you have an aligned set of stairs or a curved one with steep angles, you can choose an appropriate one from the variety of stairlifts that are offered in the industry. Decide on a product that is ensured warrantee as well as excellent installation and maintenance services.

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