Streaming Movies May Threaten to Kill Blu-Ray Discs

Should you be like many other TELEVISION owners, you may already have your TV linked to your high-speed Net connection or maybe you aren’t considering a new HIGH DEFINITION TV with built-in networking so you can associated with connection. Streaming movies from services like Netflix, Amazon online marketplace, Blockbuster and others are becoming popular ways to watch movies on your “connected” HDTV without needing to offer with the trouble of returning discs to the rental service. Most buffering services don’t offer 1080 pixels video, and many have no the very latest videos. But one wonders if the growing popularity of steaming services might be affecting consumers’ interest in purchasing Blu-ray players.¬†streaming vf

Therefore Many Connected TVs

A top number of respondents say their TVs are already linked online. Over 22% said that were there an interconnection. Another 25% said their TVs weren’t connected, nonetheless they would like them to be. With such a huge quantity of potential movie “streamers”, it’s tempting to think many would rather stream over Blu-ray.

Strong Interest in Streaming 

Over 50% or respondents said they either stream movies now or would like to stream movies. Does this transmission the decline of Bluray?

Interest Also Strong for Blu-ray Players

Good information for the Blu-ray industry: it doesn’t look like Blu-ray has anything to worry about, just yet, as far as sizzling movies are concerned. The study found a little ratio of respondents who said they were going to stream movies rather than buying a Blu-ray player while almost 50% of participants said they were planning on buying a Digital versatile player or were considering buying one this coming year.

Can be 3D Hurting Blu-ray Revenue?

It doesn’t look like 3D will hurt Bluray sales. In fact, it looks like 3D may well be a good thing for Bluray, with 10% of participants saying they were planning on buying a THREE DIMENSIONAL Blu-ray player, while only 12% said these were waiting around for 3D before buying a Blu-ray player.

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