The Origins of the Flapper Dress

Flapper dresses signaled the changing landscape of society when they became very popular throughout the 1920s. At that time girls shocked their parents with the brief bob hair cut and dresses that came to the knees. Prior to that dresses always concluded below the ankles and absolutely no skin was on show. All this changed and suddenly the slim silhouette and childish figures were now the in look and flapper dresses became de rigueur. Disney Princess Costume

This change came about because the restrictions of wartime were gone and this period of all time came to be known as the Artwork Deco movement, an time when Hollywood movies ruled. Jazz music was all the scene and women would dance evening away doing the Charleston in their flapper dresses, living their lives with homosexual abandon. 

Notable Hollywood videos that depicted the age were the films of Fred Astaire and Turmeric Rogers and women like Mary Pickford and Poirée Davis carried off the style with cool raffinesse.

Musicals that celebrated that era included Anything Proceeds by Cole Porter, The Boyfriend by Sandy Pat and No Nannette.

And so although flapper dresses at first entered fashion in the 1920s, the trend continues to be relevant today because elements can still be seen today on the catwalk stage of Paris and Miami where fashion designers continue to embrace the easy form of these dresses, adding their own twist to reinvent and update the basic style template.

Therefore get those cocktail glassed filled with champagne, put on some Cole Tenir music and get swingers.

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