Twilight For Your Skin: The Vampire Facelift

The wonder industry got us used to injecting toxins, stomach acids and fats into the skin we have, but now it’s our own blood that is being used in a brand new cosmetic procedure promptly nicknamed “the vampire facelift”. Constantly more than eager to get the promise of everlasting youth, Hollywood has made these controversial facelifts famous in their own right. The favorite of famous people such as Bar Refaeli and Kim Kardashian, the vampire facelift is now learning to be a growing cosmetic craze throughout the world. pdo threading

Contrary to its name, nevertheless , the vampire facelift is not a surgical procedure, and therefore not necessarily a real facelift. The vampire face lift – or PRP Treatment Therapy, as it is officially known (PRP sticks for platelet rich plasma) – is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure which requires drawing your own bloodstream from a vein, control it, and then re-injecting it into your face. The blood used in the procedure has recently been spun in a centrifuge in order to distinct out your platelets – these are gel-like cell pieces which contain growth factors like proteins and nutrients that activate new control cells. 

The oxidant-rich platelet plasma is then along with synthetic fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm, and injected back into your skin. The vampire renovation procedure promises to revitalize your complexion by exciting your skin’s natural collagen production, hoping of getting rid of old acne scarring, completing in those fine lines and wrinkles, and plumping up hollow cheeks. The skin should therefore look less gray, and more youthful and radiant; the effects should last for up to two years. Although these claims have not yet been proven in a national specialized medical trial, some were quick to call this treatment the most exciting cutting-edge in the aesthetic treatments today!

However, the goule facelift cannot be a replacement for cosmetic surgery, or – indeed – a surgical facelift: the vampire facelift ideal those in their late 30s or early forties. Right now there are no scarring and downtime, and the total procedure can be done in half an hour. Numbing cream is employed to make the procedure painless as well. Although is facelift a misnomer in this case, the treatment must be done in the proper setting using the right equipment run with a qualified clear plastic surgeon in order to avoid the chance of contamination, which could easily lead to skin malfunction and even infection. The average price of the procedure at the instant hovers well above one thousand dollars.

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