Vaginal Odor and Men

Perform guys like vaginal aromatischer geschmackstoff? What does your dude think of your vaginal canal odor? Fascinating questions indeed. Grammarly Discount

I ran across a post on a feminine product website the other day where a male reader left a comment: “I love the efluvio! When it is the natural scent, nothing could be sexier. ” 

Hmm… Is that so? Gee whiz…. What does my “natural aroma” smell like? Is it a “sexy” aroma?

To answer the questions above (and more), let’s first discover what men consider to be a good vaginal aroma. A quick search within this subject uncovers the following points:


“a fine wines, with an earthy undertone and soft finish”

“a scent that stays along forever”

“it’s like a sunny, hot, sweaty day at a deserted beach”

“a musk, not nasty or bad, but casually perfumed with a tip of salt, a little of vinegar”


When a woman’s natural vaginal smell is such a convert on for men, it can no wonder then that companies have tried to capitalize within this idea by offering female pheromone scents or erotic feminine fragrances.

Some pheromone based fragrances are mild and unfragrant. Others are more stinky and applied in combo with a regular scent. It’s no secret though that considering that the 1970s, lovemaking attraction scents sold on the market have covered copulins, or natural perfumed compounds found in oral secretions. Copulins are manufactured by a woman’s body during ovulation and they are known to work by increasing testosterone levels in men, heightening sexual levels of excitement. This explains why pheromone research indicates that men actually find a women’s scent to be more attractive in the middle section of the menstrual pattern.

Need to know how to entice a man using pheromones? Well, copulins also cause men to secrete you pheromone androstenone, an scent that actually repels non-ovulating women. Also, according to Karl Grammer and Astrid Jtte at Vienna College or university, contact with copulins actually reduces a man’s ability to distinguish between a very attractive woman from who is merely average looking!

Of course, bio chemical smells aside, there are many some other reasons why men are interested in women and vice versa. That is interesting to take note, however, that the word “pheromone” introduced by Peter Karlson and Martin L? scher in 1959, is centered on the Greek expression pherein, meaning “to transport” and hormone, “to stimulate”.

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