Wedding Decorating Ideas Using White Wedding Decor

As being a wedding event planner, it usually is fun to unexpectedly stumbled upon a wedding or special event being set up. Just lately, I was traveling in Spain and our hotel had one of the most beautiful outdoor wedding locations I had developed ever seen. I saw that they were hosting this wedding using white wedding interior decoration which of course caused the idea for this blog that describes various wedding decorating ideas. Wedding Receptions Decoration Ideas

Initial let’s discuss outdoor wedding locations and why this site in particular was standing out as one of the prettiest I use ever before seen. Situated on the Mediterranean, the St Matos Resort has a sensational view of the ocean from their large lawn the place that the wedding was held. That they also have a way with bougainvillea archways that is beautiful for new bride and groom pictures. 

Additional wonderful hotel features in respect to fabulous outdoor wedding locations is the grand patio where réception were held. This patio is located just off from the key bar of the hotel and is attractively fitted with outdoor furniture. Therefore, you save some money and not bring in any own furniture.

Finally, as a wedding event planner, I felt completely at ease talking to the catering department as they were setting up the event, and i also got the sense that the hotel is very accommodating and knows the job at hand in making the wedding day special for the wedding couple. In addition, the food and service I experienced at the hotel were among the best I use had at any hotel.

Now for some wedding decorating ideas I selected up while watching the hotel set up the white wedding decor for this wedding.

* Work with smaller tents and put them together creating specific spaces or rooms compared to one large tent. As well as the bonus of using smaller tents is that you can leave off one corner and create another lounge or bouncing area.

* Keep costs down with your lay by using just prayer candles on the espresso tables or simple white Cymbidium orchids in parayer glasses.

As a wedding event planner, I really liked the concept they used sand as filler for the flower classic vase rather than colored glass or rocks. This is a great white wedding design idea incorporating the location with the wedding.

Different wedding decorating ideas include:

* Use different types of flowers and floral vases on the tables for an eclectic look and a contrasting color such as black for an accent color.

* Covers the chairs with white chair covers to provide a clean and uniform style to the event.

3. Reel in some fun design pieces such as 2′ diameter-sized large round candlestick holders and intersperse them around the reception area.

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